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Corporation X: Charity Division Collects 120lbs of Canned Food at the 2011 Idiotarod

Corporation X: Charity Division was on the scene at the 2011 Idiotarod to collect donations of food for charitable donation. After the toxic fiscal year, Corporation X needed to balance its portfolio with tax write-offs. Without utilizing these little-known canned food related loopholes, our private jets would have to go to auction. We chose to collect food, instead. To motivate racers, we offered a competitive system of time deductions in exchange for donations. The racers were extremely generous, which warmed the cockles of our cold corporate hearts.

Thank you to: Dias de los Muertos, Mardi Gras, Bunny Butter & Carrot Jelly, Disaster Piece, Duck Hunt, Your Mom, Clam Roula, Cosmonauts, and Columbia’s Finest, for your donations!

(Trunk photo courtesy of Eleanor!)

Racers donated 120 lbs of food, which was given to the Greenpoint Reformed Church for its food pantry program. Thank you for supporting your community, Idiotarod participants! Corporation X: Charity Division loves you, in the most capitalistic and profit-driven way possible.

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