Aside from the Nine to Five

JenWinstheBet vs. JasonWinstheBet

Jason and I had a contest to see who would be tagged more on flickr at Newmindspace’s photo event.

This is a hobby of ours, due to the massive photography showing at most events.

As you can see, “JenWinsTheBet” has 13 tags on flickr:

"JasonWinsTheBet" has just 3:

So I won! Free dumplings are mine, courtesy of Jason. We’ll be trying this again. He’s wider than me, so his tag wrapped around his tubular torso and was probably inadequately captured in most photos. But I’m still claiming my dumplings.

And, people like my pants.

Postcards for Friends!

I had a bunch of poke postcards left over from a project, and a bunch of friends from college who all know each other. I combined the two by sending each friend an envelope filled with stamped postcards already addressed to their other friends, along with a loving note! It’s a poke that’s been touched by your friend, which makes it all the more awesome.

Soon there will be 40+ happy post-card receivers catching up using the slow-post!

All-Downhill Century Ride

Eventually, I’m planning to do a Century Ride. That’s a 100-mile bike ride, all in one day.

And I got to thinking: How awesome would an entirely downhill Century Ride be? A quick googling suggests there isn’t such a thing…. yet.

I need a hundred miles of downhill, without all that rigamarole of pedaling up the hill first.

A Second Subway Art Gallery!

When Charlie of IE suggested doing the High Five mission again at the Roosevelt Island subway station as a lead-up to the Mp3 Experiment, I thought it would be fun to do another Subway Art Gallery! IE followers would get a kick out of seeing a gallery in person after reading about it, and the placards will be up for regular commuters to enjoy for days afterward!

On the way to the Mp3 Experiment last weekend I posted placards by some new pieces of art. Afterwards, I got to watch giggly participants with inflatable weapons reading about the art and enjoying it. It’s like extra bonus fun!

So here’s the Roosevelt Island Subway Art Gallery!

Two Pieces: Ceci n’est pas une Customer Assitance Intercom (2008)


Man Sitting on Bench (Ongoing)

See all:

Challah bread for Easter!

This turned out so well. I’ve never made bread before - I may have to make it frequently from now on!

The dough! It raises for an hour and a half before you braid it into loaves.

Then it raises for another hour, you brush it with egg and honey, and pop it in the oven for 40 minutes.

And then, you EAT IT! Yumyum.

We made bacon soap!

Over the weekend I decided it was time to make bacon soap. Note that the supplies include gloves, goggles, and face masks. Lye, and the toxic fumes it creates when mixed with water, is bad for you!

Now it sits for 2 days to settle into becoming soap, then we’ll cut it into blocks while it’s still soft. The lye is still caustic at this stage, because it takes time for all of the lye and fat to combine into soapy goodness. The pH is really high, so I’ll have to wear gloves to handle the soap when I cut it up. Then it must sit on a shelf and cure for 4-6 weeks to complete the saponification. And then, I will bathe with BACON SOAP!!

Thank you

Here’s the video for the Subway Art Gallery mission! It looks just awesome. Enjoy!