Aside from the Nine to Five

The Bureau of High Five Distribution

The Bureau of High Five Distribution visited Figment on Governor’s Island this year!

We created high five collection sheets, which have a space for a high five and an explanation of why the recipient was receiving this high five in the mail.

Then we asked Figment attendees to send a high five to whoever they thought was deserving. We got a huge variety of recipients!

150 high fives collected in 5 hours! We’ll be mailing these out over the next few weeks, with a goal of getting every single one to its intended high five recipient!

See a bunch of our high fives!

*** UPDATE 7/5/10 ***

Keith and I have been feverishly addressing high fives and finding the best way to get them to their intended recipients. This takes longer than we thought!

We have about 50 to go, then we’ll send the high fives on their way!

*** UPDATE: We mailed the high-fives on 7/30/10. Happy fiving, everyone!

Pillows for Puppies Collection

At this year’s Newmindspace Pillow Fight in Union Square, it was time to do something with the leftover pillows, and to leave the park clean instead of a huge mess.  I coordinated with the organizer of Newmindspace, who loved the idea of collecting pillows for donation to animal shelters. The organizer asked participants to bring fiber-filled pillows instead of feather pillows, so they could be donated.

I thought we’d collect maybe 200 pillows.

We collected 1,000!

After delivering the 200 pillows the animal shelters were expecting, we had 800 left. We put ads on craigslist and freecycle and invited everyone to come get free pillows. We donated to animal shelters, homeless shelters, battered women’s shelters, individuals, and city agencies. We had a few left by the end of the weekend, which were just too raggedy for use. 

I can’t wait to do this again next year, with a bigger truck!

We also provided loads of trash bags and brooms for clean up. I was happy to see so many people step up to help clean up! We left the park nearly spotless, with all the leftover pillows and bags of trash in one spot for the waiting Sanitation truck to pick up. Thank you, wonderful volunteers!

Email to volunteer to help in 2011 in SF or NYC!

The Best Party Idea Ever

I had this inspiration
That I should have a party, and everyone should bring their exes.
And it’ll be colorcoded.
All of my exes would wear blue;
My best friend’s exes would wear red;
Yours would wear yellow;
etc etc etc.
And then we’d party!
It would be so awkward.

ProPants 3: 2K10 went well!

Jason’s an Internet God, so he has a great report of this year’s mission already up!

“Pro Pants representatives issued more than 200 questionnaires, distributed 1500 pamphlets, and gave away more than 20 pairs of pants!”

We were a MASSIVE hit!

Check it out:

Santacon 2009: Roundly Successful

For this year’s Santacon, I wanted to go futher than just a Santa costume. I’m opposed to the theme of women always dressing as “Slutty _____” as a default, because that’s such a limiting theme.

I decided to become an ornament. This is my first foray into bulky costuming and large paper-mache, and I think I’m hooked.

It’s pretty easy to create big paper mache costumes, even in a little apartment. Start with an exercise ball (just $20!). I chose the size which fits through most doors.

The ball

Take a load of free newspapers from the grocery store. Get a bunch of flour and water. Make paper mache until you are very dirty. Do about 7 layers for the required Santacon toughness, and let each layer dry before slapping the next on.


Test it out! Then cut arm holes, spraypaint red, and apply ornament-like sparkly decorations. Remember to make an ornament hat (I forgot until late the night before).

Have a blast at Santacon! Take pictures with everyone. Pass out a ton of candy, especially to kids. You can barely make it through doors, but thankfully, Santas are a helpful, kind bunch, and they’ll go to great lengths to help you squeeze into bars and restaurants. Have fun!